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The Great River Race 2017

  • 9 Sep 2017
  • Thames: Docklands to Richmond

Rowing boats “Betty" and “Gecko" will be representing the Lewes Rowing club in the biggest and most spectacular rowing race of the year. 

Forget the Boat Race, Henley can take a heave…this is a 22 mile 300 + boat spectacular right through the city centre in London.

All kinds of boats are involved from dragon boats to cornish pilot gigs.  Newhaven’s Amelie will be there resplendent in her yellow coat of paint.

The race starts in London’s docklands and processes, in a constantly overtaking and jostling kaleidoscope, all the way to leafy Richmond where we will all finish at Ham house. Here there will be a jazz band and a big old beer tent and every kind of food and, slightly knackered, but very happy,  some 2,500  rowers and their supporters.

So come for a beer in, hopefully, a sunny field, by the beautiful river Thames on Saturday the 9th of September.

Betty and Gecko should arrive at the finish between 4:00 & 5:00 pm or there a-bouts . 

Or visit any of the London bridges and watch aghast as hundreds of boats, regaled with flags, and manic rowers pass under you in a procession only equalled by the London Marathon. Indeed the Great River Race is known as London’s River Marathon. 

Please come and see our lovely boats Betty and Gecko  flying the flag for the fantastic Lewes Rowing Club.

For more info look at the Great River Race web site at :  https://www.greatriverrace.co.uk

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