Lewes Rowing Club

Sailing, Powerboats, Canoeing and Rowing

Lewes Rowing Club (Sail and Power) is a private club, owned, maintained and managed by its members.

It's purpose is to enable members to pursue their interest in boating on the River Ouse and beyond.

If you wish to join Lewes Rowing Club, please contact the Club Membership Secretary for an application form.

Please complete all sections of the application form – incomplete applications will be not be accepted. Completed application forms should be emailed to the Membership Secretary at membership@lewesrowingclub.co.uk.

Categories of Membership

From May 2018 there will be two broad membership categories: Full Member and Associate Member, subject to the approval of the Annual General Meeting of the Club in May 2018.

Full Members must be boat owners, for example a powerboat, sailing boat, canoe or kayak. Full members have voting rights on club matters and must pay a larger annual fee. New Full Members must serve a one-year probationary period and must pay a joining fee. The number of Full Members in the Club is limited by the available space for storing Members’ boats.

Associate Members join the Club on an annually renewable membership. Associate Members do not pay a joining fee and pay an annual fee that is less than that of Full Members. Such members do not pay a joining fee. There are three categories of Associate membership:

Associate Members B (Boat) are associated with a Full Member’s boat. They can use the boat when the Full Member is present and can use Club facilities.

Associate Members P (Paddle) is for new members who wish to use and base their paddle craft (canoe/kayak/paddle board/small rowing boat) at the Club. There is a limit to the number of new members in this category that the Club can accommodate at present.

Associate Members R (Rowers) is for new members who wish to participate in rowing in the Club’s boats but do not own wish to base a boat at the Club. There is a limit to the number of new members in this category that the Club can accommodate at present.


The current (2017/18) Club fees are as follows:

All new Full Members pay a one off joining fee = 100 pounds.

Full Member annual fee = 100 pounds

Associate Member annual fee = 40 pounds

In addition, boat storage/berthing fees are as follows:

Dry berth = 90 pounds

Wet berth = 150 pounds

Canoe/kayak/paddle board storage = 30 pounds

There is no annual fee payable for Members who join after 1st January. Annual fees are payable from the date of the Annual General Meeting in May.

The above Membership categories will be recommended to the Annual General Meeting of the Club for approval in May 2018. At the same time new annual fees for 2018/19 will be agreed which may be higher than the above.

All new applicants for membership of the Club will be invited to meet the Club Committee before a decision on their membership is finalised.

January 2018

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